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God speaks all the time (Rev2:7, 3:22) but unfortunately, we do not hear him most times. To hear means to receive information and immediately respond to it. Someone tells you a very funny joke and you immediately respond with hilarious laughter because you heard him. If you didn’t laugh, you would or may have been listening but did not hear. Response is the proof of hearing.

We need to hear from God. Matt. 4:4. Man …. lives by every word that has been spoken and continuous to be spoken by the mouth of God. God wants us to dwell in (ever surrounded) and walk in (2 Cor. 6:16), living epistles …..2 Cor 3:2-3.

A)        To know God’s pattern for your life. God builds your ministry with fragments of your life experiences and your personality. Paul was a teacher of the law before becoming a teacher of grace. Peter was a fisher of fish before he become a fisher of men.

B)        No two ministries are the same.  No two ministries are the same. It is foolish to seek to do it like someone else. Seek to discover your pattern. Heb. 8:5b. God shows everyone a different pattern. Joyce Meyers does not need to work miracles and yet multitudes are reached. This is different for Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonkke. Rev. Mike teaches with prophetic anointing which is different from others. Discover yours.

You are unique, be unique in your praise, teaching, evangelism etc .GOD does not always win soul the same way. There are so many ways to catch a fish. A wise evangelist or student etc. that needs you and is ready to receive you”
HINDERANCES TO HEARING GOD. GOD’S eyes are moving to and fro to help his servants. The heart is the centre of 1) emotions or affections. 2) the motives and (3) the intentions.


1)                 Worldly affections 1 Jn 2:15 we keep ungodly relationships. This
                  blocks our ears against GOD’S word.

2)                 Impure motives: our motivations is some times evil like the prophet
Baalam. Numbers 23.It is wrong when we are motivated to do GOD’S work for money, fame and prestige.

3)                  Wrong intentions Acts5 Anannias and sapphira had the wrong
intentions. Their plan was not to give but keep the money to themselves.

B)    HARDNESS OF HEART: Set aside a day out of the week to soften your heart. I have done this for over twenty years and it has been of tremendous blessing to me as it makes you very flexible to opinions and changes. Heb.4:7 say not harden your heart.

1)     unforgiveness stops  GOD’S VOICE
2)     forgiveness bring back GOD’S voice in our lives.
3)      Habitual sinful life stops GOD’S voice .you must be born again and not be a mere Christian practitioner. Rom8:16, 1john5:10. the unregenerate  heart
      Blocks out GOD’S voice for such a heart is controlled by satan the anti-
christ. Rom8:6-7 the unregenerate mind has intellectual agreement but does not and can not obey a preacher of the gospel due to spiritual deafness and blindness James 2:19 GOD demands saving faith and not intellectual agreement because it is possible to know that you are saved. Rom10:9,10TLB.

Test: Pray this prayer from your heart: lord Jesus I confess you are my lord I believe you bore my sins to calvary’s cross to save me from sin. I believe you rose from the dead and are enthroned at the father’s right hand in heaven.
            I trust you and your blood alone to be the full payment for my sins. I renounce and turn from my sins. I receive your holy sprit to bear witness with my spirit that I am a child of GOD. All this I ask in the name of my lord Jesus Christ amen.John10:27, Eze36:27 tlb.

DISOBEDIENCE STOPS GOD’S VOICE: Faith means to be obedient actively to what GOD says. Therefore faith comes by hearing the word of god that is hearing and obediently responding to what god has said

Pride is the greatest enemy to obedience it is a demonic spirit that repeatedly says “what will people say”, it comes with shame whenever you are ashamed the pride is standing near by prov.11.2. Paul says, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ” Rom. 1.16 you need to say the same every day and cast out that demon called pride and be free to express your gifts in Jesus name pray: I cast out of my mind the fear of man in Jesus name., I receive boldness to declare God’s counsel in Jesus name. I confess that I have the spirit of boldness and I am not afraid of what man will do to me.

Our carnal minds thinks if we try what God is saying and fail, what will the people think, my friend won’t understand me. My social club will not agree with what God is telling me to do.
All these thoughts have their root in the fear of man – PRIDE. It hinders men from fulfilling their calling.

PRECONCEPTIONS HINDER OBEDIENCE: God does not always follow the same pattern, one moment Jesus heals by speaking, another moment he lays his hands and another time he mixes up mud and saliva to heal. In 2 kings 5. Naaman nearly lost his miracle due to preconception .Most people like Naaman would want to instruct the man of God on how to fulfill the work of ministry forgetting that every man of God has his unique pattern of ministry for God has his unique pattern of ministry. For Elisha, Naaman could only be healed by bathing in the dirty river Jordan.

Preconception is deeply rooted in pride the spirit of preconception says “I know everything I can conceive things before they happen- as they will happen” and whenever things do not happen according to our plan we abandon church and become resentful and angry with God for not working according to our expectations .

God has a pattern for your life    Heb. 8.5 “that thou make all things according to the pattern showed to thee (not someone else)”. You’ve got to do it the way God shows you. Noah built the ark because that was God’s pattern for Noah, Moses built a tabernacle because that was Gods pattern for Moses, Solomon built a temple because God told him to. You must not do it the way somebody did it but according as God has shown you.

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