Sunday, March 3, 2013

Faith ,God, Reason and logic in perfect harmony.

The object of reason means all that reason can know . this includes all that truths that can be 1. understood 2. discovered 3 . proved logically without any premise assumed by faith in divine revelation.
The Relationship Between The Objects Of Faith And Reason
1 All that is known by faith is also known by reason , but not all that is known by reason is known by faith. Faith is also subclass of reason.
2. All that is known by reason is also known by faith, but not all that is known by faith is known by reason . reason is a subclass of faith.
3. All that is known by faith is known by reason too, and all that is known by reason is known by faith. Faith and reason are interchangeable.
4. Nothing that is known by faith is known by reason, and nothing that is known by reason is known by faith . Faith and reason are mutually exclusive.

Why Faith And Reason Can Never Contradict Each Other
1.      Only Falsehood Can Contradict Truth , the truth that the human reason naturally knows cannot be opposed to the truth of the Christian faith. For that with which the human reason is naturally endowed is clearly true, thus it is impossible to deny or think of such truths as false. For instance, what has colour has size. We can not deny the truth of such a proposition. Since, therefore, only the false is opposed to the  true , as is clearly evident from an examination of their definitions , it is impossible that truth of faith should be opposed to those principles that the human reason knows naturally.
2.      God is the teacher of both.
That which is introduced into the soul of the student by the teacher is contained in the knowledge of the teacher- unless the teacher is fictitious, which it is improper to say of God. The knowledge of the principles that are known to us naturally has been implanted in us by God: for God is the author of our nature. These principles are contained in divine wisdom. Opposing them is opposing divine wisdom.
In other words, every possible argument against every Christian doctrine has a rational mistake in it somewhere, and therefore can be answered by reason alone.
Objections 1
But God’s ways and mind and nature are infinitely far above ours: how can we expect to understand them? 
Reply : but we can understand what he has revealed to us .we cannot completely understand divine truth, of course. We know God by revelation, but we do not comprehend him or define him with our reason.
Objection 2
Isn’t it humble to demean the power of human reason?
Reason is created and designed by God and thus we should regard it as such and ascribe honour to God  for it. Demeaning reason is not humility.
Objection 3
Isn’t it proud to think human reason can know a lot about God?
It is more proud to  use reason to limit reason than just to use reason. It is also self-contradictory , for “ to draw a limit to thought you must think both sides of that limit.” [ Wittgenstein]
Objection 4
What about those intellectually brilliant unbelievers e.g Marx , Shaw, Russel, etc , if Christianity is so reasonable , why did they all reject it.?
There are more brilliant minds for Christianity than they that oppose e.g Augustine, Galilieo , Leibniz, Berkley, Calvin, Luther, Kepler, Newton, Newman, Lincoln , Pasteur, Milton, Dickens, Da Vinci , Spenser And Bach.   Brilliant minds do not know it all and those that reject Christianity do so because they don’t want to be true, because it is no longer fashionable or because it commands obedience, repentance and humility.

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