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The Chambers Dictionary defines ‘deception’ as ‘the act of deceiving or misleading; trick; illusion. The scripture describes Satan as the father of lies’ (John 8:44) Have you ever been lied to convincingly, now what you had experienced was the result of a baby lying to you; now imagine how convincing when the originator of lies decides to trick you. Satan is the grandmaster /teacher of all tricksters or 419 ‘ers across the globe. Speaking to the religious tricksters of his time, Jesus said, “For you are the children of your father the devil and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning and a hater of truth – there is not an iota of truth in him. When he lies, it is perfectly normal; for he is the father of liars”. John 8:44 Lb.

Satan will never allow you attend a church where sound doctrine is taught. Teachers of the truth make you responsible for your action and we are in a generation where rebellion and irresponsibility are the order of the day and as such people prefer to attend religious meetings where they are told ‘they are not responsible for their actions’ but rather their failures are as a result of a curse or hex from a witch or voodoo priest or the evil machinations of a phantom enemy. This is the carry over effect of the spirit of failure from the first man ‘Adam’ in his time who attributed his failure to obey God’s commandment to his wife.

As long as we keep abdicating responsibility to someone else, we deprive ourselves of the positive changes in our way of doing things which are a sine-qua-non for successful and happy living.  Hard work under the premise of divine principles is the key to ultimate success in life. If you work hard at marriage you will have a successful marriage, the same goes for every other sphere of life, “Hard work means prosperity; only a fool idles away means prosperity; only a fool idles away his time” Prov. 12:11 Lb.

There is a no substitute for hard work unfortunately a lot of Christians have substituted hard work with prayer as  they spend unending hours praying instead of working. That is why our churches are flooded with beggars and mediocres. This is the result of an irresponsible life style. And creates a veritable ground for the propagation of Satan’s lies, exploitation and abuse.

If the devil and his demons have been stripped of their authority as it is written “I have been given all authority in heaven and earth”. Matt. 28:19. And “… I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and to walk among serpents and scorpions and to crush them. Nothing shall injure you!” Luke 10:19 Lb. Why are there so many defeated Christians? The devil tricks or deceives us into believing that a lie is the truth; that something is real when it isn’t; that wrong is right, and right is wrong.

If we believe his lies, he has gained a foot hold in our lives. He will then take as much room as we will give to him. He has no legal right to do this, but he will if we allow him to.

The purpose of Satan is to illegally kill, steal and destroy that which belongs to the children of God.
We have the power and authority to stop him every time. However, he will try to make us think that we do not. He will seek to look and act as if he is in command. He wants us to think and feel like we are weak, helpless victims under his power and control. If he can deceive us, the devil knows we will fall back in fear and not resist him in faith. Accusation And condemnation: Satan would first of all mislead us to do an immoral did after which he quickly turns around to put blame on us this making us feel guilty and weak in faith. The charges against us may be true or false. In either case, if we accept it, we will feel guilty and weak in faith. The charges against us may be true or false. In either case, if we accept it, we will feel guilty and unfit. We are consequently brought under the fear of judgment or condemnation.
Conviction versus Condemnation.
Every born again Christian must know the difference between the conviction  of the Holy Spirit and the Condemnation of the devil. This will help us withstand the attacks from Satan and his cohorts.

The Holy Spirit will ‘convict’ (to prove guilty us of sin by clearly pointing it out to us through the voice of our conscience. Once we see our guilt, we repent (turn from our sin). True repentance causes us to be sorry that we have sinned against the law and love of our heavenly Father.

The Holy Spirit will then move us to confess our sin and receive God’s forgiveness. In this we are restored to the joy of our salvation in Christ. “But if we confess our sins to him, he can be depended on to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong..” I Jn. 1:9.Lb.
“Against you and you only have I sinned and done evil in your sight… wash me and I will be whiter than snow… Hide your face from my sins, erase them from your sight… create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a strong, right spirit within me… Restore to me the joy of your salvation and give me a willing spirit that wants to do your will”. (Ps. 51:4, 7, 9, 10, 12).
The enemy always ‘accuses and condemns’ us for both our sins and our weaknesses. Most of the times, we are not even guilty of the things for which we are charged. However, his intentions are to bring us into feelings of both doom and despair. He wants us to think that God has cut us off and that we have little hope for the future. If this trick does not succeed then he will seek to keep us under an uneasy cloud of divine disapproval. His desire is to so weaken our faith, that we will feel we aren’t strong enough to fight against him. Today, we have a lot of people who believe that their situation cannot be changed. The devil is a liar, positive change is coming your way in Jesus name.
The devil makes us feel guilty and condemned so that our faith in God will be inoperative and paralyzed, then he (the devil) can now afflict us with diseases, poverty, destruction and death, “if our hearts condemn us not, them we have faith  towards God” I Jn. 3:2 If our heart is heavy with condemnation, our faith will be weak or we will be without any faith.
Without faith, we will not fight! That is what the devil wants – a Christian who will not fight or resist.

False Accusation. The name ‘devil’ means one who accuses or falsely blames another. More Christians are defeated by accusation and condemnation.

Even when we sin and quickly confess our faults to the Lord, Satan repeats the imagines of the sinful acts to our subconscious man and reminds us of how un-Christ- like we are, We repent over the same sin repeatedly, but can’t seem to get free from our feeling of guilt. It spoils our prayer life and hinders our worship. It robs us of our peace and joy and weakness our faith. We loose self confidence to fight the battles of life and Satan quickly tells us that we are at his mercy because we have failed in our Christian walk.

Evil And  lying Thoughts The devil attacks us by shooting evil thoughts as “fiery darts” into our minds. They come at special times such as during prayer, worship or holy communion. Satan then tells us that we are not good Christians and that other Christians do not have such thoughts thus bringing us into condemnation and destruction.

remember; our blessings from God and authority over the devil are not based on our holiness or good works. Sometimes we all  do sin and come short of God’s holy purpose for our lives.

Heavenly Father, forgive me of my sins, I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Amen.
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