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Decongesting the head.

How to Relieve Head Congestion
Head congestion is caused by swollen nasal passages and mucous membranes, over production of mucous, stuffiness and sometimes clogged ears. This congestion may be caused by a virus, an infection or simply by allergies.
Head congestion can be alleviated, but it is a multi-step process requiring dedication to the endresult. This is how to relieve head congestion.
Steps1 Drink 2 to 3 times the amount that you normally do in order to thin the mucous.
2Drink hot tea or spicy soup to help clear out the sinuses.
3Eat chicken soup to alleviate dizziness.
4Inhale steam at least 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time.The steam can come from steam vaporizers, hot tea, hot compresses or a hot shower. The steam will clear out mucous and open up the sinus cavities.
5Try acupressure.
*.Place your thumbs on either side of the bridge of your nose. Press the hollow point between the bridge of your nose and the cheekbone. Let your head relax so that its weight is resting on your thumbs and your thumbs are putting pressure on that hollow place.*.Place the middle and index fingers of each hand to the sides of the nostrils and just under the cheekbones. Press up and under the cheekbones with your fingers gently but firmly for 1 minute.
6Try medication.*.Take over the counter decongestants according to the dosage instructions on the label. These reduce the size of nasal blood vessels and mucous membranes.*.Use nasal sprays according to the instructions on the label. These willgo from helpful to harmful if you use them too often or too long.
7Try irrigation*.Use a nasal pot or a sinus rinse to flush the mucous out of your sinuses. These irrigation systems send a combination of sterile water and a special saline powder mixture through your sinus cavitiesto break up the mucous and encourage it to come out.
8Place more pillows under your head, shoulders and back while you are sleeping to prop yourself up.Remaining closer to a 45 degree angle than lying completely flat will help discourage mucous from pooling in your sinuses overnight.

9Rest and allow your immune system to repair your body and fight off any underlying causes of the congestion.
Head congestion that is not relieved may turn into an infection and may require a visit to the doctor. If it is aninfection, the doctor may prescribe stronger decongestants and an antibiotic to kill the infection.

1*.Never drink alcohol while fending offhead congestion. Metabolizing alcohol steals water from your cells that they need to thin mucous and perform other congestion relieving duties.
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