Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Why Faith And Reason Can Never Contradict Each Other
 Only Falsehood Can Contradict Truth , the truth that the human reason naturally knows cannot be opposed to the truth of the Christian faith. For that with which the human reason is naturally endowed is clearly true, thus it is impossible to deny or think of such truths as false. For instance, what has colour has size. We cannot deny the truth of such a proposition. Since, therefore, only the false is opposed to the true , as is clearly evident from an examination of their definitions , it is impossible that truth of faith should be opposed to those principles that the human reason knows naturally.
God is the teacher of truth and faith. That which is introduced into the soul of the student by the teacher is contained in the knowledge of the teacher- unless the teacher is fictitious, which it is improper to say of God. The knowledge of the principles that are known to us naturally has been implanted in us by God: for God is the author of our nature. These principles are contained in divine wisdom. Opposing them is opposing divine wisdom.In other words, every possible argument against every Christian doctrine has a rational mistake in it somewhere, and therefore can be answered by reason alone.

Inputs from Peter  Kreeft & Ronald k. Tacelli 

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