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 “There is neither Jew or Greek, there is neither bond nor  
free, there is neither male nor female, For ye are all one in Christ Jesus.’ Gal 3:28

The role of women in the old testament
1.         Miriam – The older sister of Moses. Miriam was a primary participant in the deliverance of Israel from oppressor

a)         Saved Moses life – This was perilous time for Moses, but his courageous older sister Miriam risked her life to save him. Exo.2:3-4

-           She arranged for Moses Mother to nurse him Exo. 2:7-8

b)        Worship leader and prophetess. Exo. 15:20-21
            Music ministry is best led by those with a prophetic anointing upon their life, and this was true to Miriam

c)         Leader with Moses and Aaron. Mic 6:4.  Just as Moses was important to the children of Israel, so also was Miriam

d)        Acted presumptuously (confidence grounded on something not proved)
            Some leader tends to exercise authority beyond their office and anointing Num.  12:1, Num 12:10, Num. 12:13-15.  Both women and men must be aware that exercising leading authority can lead to arrogance and pride which can destroy.

2.         Deborah:  was a married woman who held two offices an administrator and a priest.   Under Deborah’s leadership, the children of Israel were delivered from a twenty-year long occupation by an enemy army.

a)         Prophetess and Judge. Judges 4:4-5  Through Deborah’s prophetic insight, she called for the Israelite Gen. Barak to go out with 10,000 men against a superior army and they won

b)        Fulfilled Ancient purpose for man and woman to have dominion. Judge 5:13

Huldah¨ During the reign of Josiah, the book of law, priest read who gave specifies of a coming judgment already determined in the counsel of haven.

a)         She was a prophetess of reformation. 2King 22:14

4.         Isaiah’s Wife
            a)         She was a Prophetess. Isaiah 8:3
Her presence in Isaiah’s life gave him (Isaiah) a distinct advantage over other Prophets.  This explains why Isaiah so accurately foretold the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Ecc. 4:9

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