Thursday, February 14, 2013


From the point of view of a theist and Christian theologian ,faith is not a mere anticipation of events or delusion , as portrayed in this discuss, it is against this background that i would like to throw some light on The relationship between the object of faith and reason. Faith ( "pistis" in the Greek ) simply means man's total reliance on God while appropriating all that has been created to achieve a desired objective. It is the dictionary by which we decode concepts and positively access and manipulate the essence of creation.
The dynamics of Faith :
1 the object of faith means all the things believed .
2. the act of faith is more than merely an act of belief , it is something to live every moment for. It involves 1. The intellect 2. Emotions 3. Volition 4. Heart.
Emotional faith is feeling assurance or trust or confidence in a person this includes hope and peace .
Intellectual faith is belief. This is stronger that emotional faith in that it more stable and unchanging . my mind could believe while my feelings are shaken “.it is the act of the intellect, prompted by the will , by which we believe everything God has revealed on the grounds of the authority of the One who revealed it.”
Volitional faith is an act of the will, a commitment to obey God’s will. This is also known as fidelity.
The intellect is the soul’s navigator, but the will is the captain
Faith begins in the heart. The heart is where the Holy Spirit walks in us . The scriptures declare that the just shall live by faith. Rom 1:16-17 . For instance, by faith we believe in the effectiveness of the internet as an effective means of communication without necessarily knowing the internal workings of the computers and series of technicians involved in making this process possible . To appropriate this we simply made some hypothetical assumptions of 1) believe the internet exists 2) it can do what the makers say about it. we took them at their word and today we are beneficiaries of our faith in them: so is our relationship with God, he created all things for man's enjoyment and to give him glory.

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